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Siblings have a special role in our hearts, as we all know. Brother and sister's specific bond is unique. There are no bounds for the care they have for each other. The love that they share is incomparable.

Regardless of how much they struggle together, they are always supportive. Brothers and sisters struggled over trivial issues with each other. In other words, they share a bond full of love and treasure.

All about honouring this connection is RakshaBandhan. It symbolizes the extraordinary and exclusive bond that the two share. This day was correctly remembered as enjoying a nice time and focusing on this lovely connection. It acts as a sign of their affection, solidarity and shared confidence.

RakshaBandhan's significance is tremendous in our country. The festival is held not less than any other, as it comprises of a sister's and her brother's love. In Hinduism it is extremely significant. Rakshabandhan, as the name of the event suggests, comprises of two words: Raksha (Protection) and Bandhan (bond). Sister’s bind 'Rakhi' around her brother's arm on this day, while his brother takes a vow to defend and protect his sister.  He promises to be there for her through thick and thin.   Sisters tie this holy cord around brothers' wrists as a gesture of connection intended to deepen their love bond.

The members of the families dress up in ethnic wear for this occasion. We can see colorfulrakhis and talents flooding the markets.  The trendiest rakhis do rounds on the market every year. Women go shopping for their brothers for the perfect rakhis and men going to buy their sisters' beautiful presents.

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