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We encounter several people on the roller coaster journey of life. There are some that influence our brains with their magic, some that touch our hearts with their goodness; and then there are those that get on our nerves just by breathing. Yes, you got it right. It’s the Brother-Sister bond. You may call it madness or true love; you may call it enmity or other grudge; it is called a brother-sister partnership where these conflicting emotions occur in the same connection, as a fun-frustration combination. It’s like a hell and heaven journey. Those who get to experience this bond are very lucky. Many of our everlasting memories are connected to our siblings-fight against who is their parent’s favourite child, complaining about each other from their parents and asking for justice. There are tons of memories which a brother and sister share together.

The relationship between a sister and a brother is deeper than any other connection. They clash or disagree, but more than anything, they love each other unconditionally. The relationship between brother and sister is the longest relationship that one may share together in their lifetime.


The evolution of this relationship is a hell of a journey, and indeed it helps to make you what you are today. Besides sharing similar chromosomes, they share a lot, more than one will ever share with anyone else.


India is a nation abundant in history and community. Celebrating the bond between brother and sister with the name of festival called RAKSHA-BANDHAN. After the sister has placed a pinch of vermilion and grains of rice on her forehead (a token of a wish to have prosperity) and feeds a sweet, a holy thread binds her brother's wrist. She offers aarti to fend off all the darkness that surrounds him and wishes him all the best of luck. It's like binding Rakhi to her brother to protect it eternally. Brothers give her gift in return and also promise that he will always be there for her and will protect her in any and every circumstance. It is the tradition that has been observed in India for decades.


Gifts are always important to strengthen your bond and to express your feelings for somebody. Regardless of the expense or size of the present, only the gesture, emotions and sentiments of giver is significant. If you are close to your sister or even far away she will never forget to send rakhi online and make it memorable day for you on this unique occasion of Raksha Bandhan, so you must always remember to delight your sister with gifts. You therefore need to purchase rakhi return gifts online for your sisters and you'll get thousands of specific presents that your sister would definitely appreciate.


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