20 Red And Yellow Carnations In Basket

-12% 20 Red And Yellow Carnations In Basket

20 Red And Yellow Carnations In Basket

You can't buy happiness but you can buy flowers to make other person happy. So why not? Giftybasket provide you with a lot of flower bouquet option. You just need to explore giftybasket. Now you can also attach your personalized message. After all what is better than a personalized message and a bouquet. Flowers can make anyone happy and cheerful. Gifting flowers is perfect for almost all the occasion, weather it be anniversaries, wedding, birthdays Father's day, mother's day, or even as a apology gift.

Product details :

20 Red And Yellow Carnations

A good quality basket

Seasonal fillers.

While they all symbolize love, distinction and fascination, you can tailor your message by the color you choose. Every color of a certain flower carries a deeper message and symbolism. Some flowers have only one or two colors, while the colorful Carnation comes in several different colors.

Red Carnation- Red Carnations symbolize love, passion and admiration. This is a perfect gift for someone you love and for someone to whom you feel attracted to.

Yellow carnation- Yellow Carnation flower is a symbol of rejection and it was often given to those who weren’t exactly attractive to us, or to someone who is out of our area of romantic interest.

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