25 Mixed Carnations

-14% 25 Mixed Carnations

25 Mixed Carnations

Sometimes flowers are able to express our emotions better than ourselves, because they can send that special message to someone without us even saying one word.

Carnation flower is a symbol of distinction and making yourself unique in the sea of people who are all the same. This beautiful flower stands out from the crowd with its bright colors and beautiful sent, and can’t ever be regular or ordinary in the eyes of people.

Product details :

25 Mixed Carnations

Seasonal fillers

A reusable ribbon

Cellophane paper wrapping

Carnation flower is also a symbol of love and romance. This flower is often gifted to the people we love and many see it as a perfect gift for a partner. They come in various bright colors and each one of them expresses our deepest and most valuable emotions.

Red Carnations symbolize love, passion and admiration. This is a perfect gift for someone you love and for someone to whom you feel attracted to.

White Carnation flowers are symbols of Mother’s love and affection and are often gifted for Mother’s Day or for Women’s Day

Yellow Carnation flower is a symbol of rejection and it was often given to those who weren’t exactly attractive to us, or to someone who is out of our area of romantic interest.

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