Bunch Of 10 Pink Lilies

-13% Bunch Of 10 Pink Lilies

Bunch Of 10 Pink Lilies ( Product Code: GBPL-10 )

If there's one flower that’s bursting with symbolism, it's the lily. Amiability, purity, love, fertility, femininity, unity and transience; it represents all of them. A flower full of meaning for (almost) every occasion.

Pink lily flowers are very significant with many layers of meaning compared to even other colours of lilies. The  pink lily flower is such a significant bloom and features in many momentous and empowering events in a woman’s life such as birthdays, graduations or International Women’s Day. So what are you waiting for? Mother's day is around the corner, order from giftybasket a bunch of 10 lilies.

Now you can also attach your personalized message with this the bunch of lilies. Isn't it perfect?

Product details :

Pink lilies

Seasonal fillers


Lily roots and bulbs have been used for medicinal purposes. They were boiled into teas to treat stomach disorders, fevers, and assist women in labor. They have also been used topically to treat sores and burns.

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